Step 1. Obtain a packet of sugar.

Step 2. Obtain an envelope.

Step 3. Write address on envelope.

Step 4. Insert packet and seal envelope.

Step 5. Put it in the mail.


3 thoughts on “Send Kellie Sugar

  1. For those who don’t wish to get their fingers sticky,
    may I suggest you send our dear Kellie some vouchers
    for sugar or other sweet products, so that she may
    get exactly what she desires at a discount.

    Most sources below have printable coupons or
    you can just email her these links directly:



  2. Why not send to her campaign office? Costs a stamp, but more annoying that way. 🙂 It’s at: 100 – 2 Toronto St., Suite 555, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2B5


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