Send Kellie Sugar

Conservative Party leadership candidate Kellie Leitch recently revealed she couldn’t obtain sugar in a pinch from her any of her neighbours during her time living in Toronto.

This is a shame — we should hear her plea for help and act quickly.

As an act of neighbourliness, all Torontonians should take a moment and drop a packet of sugar in the mail to Ms. Leitch to ensure that she will never, ever go a day without glucose (or a sugar substitute).

Below you can find details about how you can make a difference.


How to Send Kellie Sugar

The Canadian Government allows the public to send lettermail to Members of Parliament FOR FREE. No stamp required. All you have to do is write the address on the envelope, insert the sugar packet, and drop it in the mail.

You can also send it to her two constituency offices, though you’ll have to put an 85-cent stamp on it.

FREE ADVICE: Do not pour sugar directly into the envelope. That is weird and creepy and not the message you want to send to Ms. Leitch. Or the RCMP. We cannot stress the importance of the sugar being inside a packet.

It’s probably best to send brown sugar. Because it’s healthier.

Office of Hon. Kellie Leitch, MP
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6

Hon. Kellie Lietch, MP
23 Paris Street
Alliston, ON  L9R 1J3

Hon. Kellie Lietch, MP
501 Hume Street, Suite 4
Collingwood, ON  L9Y 4H8